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Hello there! My name is Hanato Kobato desu~! Basically an ask page for Kobato~! Feel free to hit the ask box! Hanato Kobato at your service! Hope we can be good friends in the future as well desu! ~ Please be sure to check "RP settings" on how I'll RP with you. Arigatou ne!~ Leave me an ask if you'd like to RP with me! I'd love to RP with almost anybody!~ ^‿^


Hey everyone~ Kobato-mun here! I thought I’d post one of my pictures here where I was Cosplaying a random sailor fuku. ~ Hehehe ^_^

I hate how a lot of the good stuff at the event WERE SOLD OUT. Like the K anime goodies. There was a lot of Kuroko no basuke & Magi but I felt I didn’t want to go too much through my wallet and zap out all my cash for the anime goodies! AND MOREOVER, I found a Kobato cosplayer through the event! And got a photo with her too! We fangirled on Kobato but sadly I didn’t get to talk to her much due to the massive crowd. Oh well~ I hope we meet in the future again! ^_^

Plus me being addicted to K, I found a really awesome Munakata Reisi Cosplayer and got a photo with him too! It was hard since I was small and I had to stretch my hand so much to get a self shot photo with him!

And Last…. I WAS AN UNEQUIPPED ASFDSAFGJGJHKGKL MOFO and didn’t get much pictures with Cosplayers cause I was tired but My friend & I were fans of Utapri and we found a really awesome Tokiya & Ren Cosplayers! It was really fun! KYA~ Wish I brought my camera to have taken more photos. x3

MIND ME FOR LOOKING ALL MESSY. BOY It was really fun and crazy event! XD